I am currently a senior Journalism major with a minor in French at Ithaca College. Originally from southeastern Connecticut I decided on IC to learn more about journalistic skills and develop the skills necessary for the field. After graduating I hope to write for a publication focused on different lifestyles and sub-cultures around the world.

In addition to being a student I have interned for The Day Publishing Co. in New London, CT. As my hometown newspaper I thoroughly enjoyed giving back to my community by covering pertinent and local stories.

Being a journalist is learning about how truly different we all are from one another, while still having elements that connect us all. One of my most favorite articles to write was about the culture of hip hop on campus for Ithaca College’s newspaper, The Ithacan. As a big fan of the genre and culture it was amazing to see how we all interpret it and experience it in unique ways. Working on that story was the first time I felt such a connection as a journalist.

Even after graduation I hope to continue learning and building on my skills as a journalist as I’ve discovered you’re never truly a master of this field. Instead we’re all lifelong learners sharing stories that the public would not know without us.