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All work has been written and created by Kalia Kornegay

Journalism Highlights

The Ithacan

Coverage of Ithaca College’s Women in Computing club, which seeks to encourage women currently studying computer science in a typically male-dominated field

Coverage of a project aimed at creating a community for first generation students

My first published album review about Disclosure’s album “Caracal”

Coverage of hip hop culture on campus and how students are involved in different ways

IC Fuse

Coverage of an IC student launching a haunted trail business on-campus

IC Courses

Media Literacy – Course for journalism majors designed to educate students on proper coverage of people having different races, ethnicities, economic standing, gender and sexual orientation. Assignment was to create a piece of work that goes deeper into material we covered during the semester.

Website about how to properly cover gender identity in the media

Visual Journalism – An introductory course in how to create multimedia content and news packages. Assignment was to cover a local event and create a video package that could be used on an actual news show.

Coverage of student organization IC Active Minds’ event called “Everybody Matters.” Edited with iMovie, recorded on iPad.

Coverage of student business Malaika Apparel and their fashion show showcasing new products. Edited with Adobe Premiere CC, shot with JVC-100.